Counseling Needs In Agreement With Parents And Teachers Of A Primary School.

Counseling schools is a valuable tool to achieve school inclusion processes. To carry out an adequate assessment, it is necessary to take into account the counseling needs to be detected in the educational practice from its different actors so that an investigation was carried out to find out about those needs in the primary school.

The results, gathered in this text, indicate that more information is required regarding the concepts of inclusive school because there is still confusion in the terms. On the other hand, teachers ask for the support of specialists, since they do not feel trained to meet the needs of their students and demand information. The idea that is not shared by parents, who visualize teachers as capable. Both parties request communication and collaboration between teachers and parents to meet the educational needs of children.

Educational Advice On Technologies For Teaching And Learning.

During the last 50 years technology has changed our lives more than in the previous two millennia. The Internet has transformed our society, the way we relate to each other and, therefore, how we learn. The digital competence forms a set of essential skills for the personal and professional development of any person, and the educational system has to guarantee that the students, in their compulsory schooling, acquire such competencies.

This article deals with this challenge from the perspective of training consultancies, analyzing, in the first place, what has already been done, the current context and, finally, proposing a way forward.